What Do You Need To Know About Deep Coral Reef Ecosystem

We all know about the Great Barrier Reef which thrives amazingly under shallow water. It is a perfect example of coral life that sustains beautifully under minimal sunlight. How about the coral reefs that grow deep under the ocean ecosystem? The deep coral reef ecosystem is a real subject that requires more attention. 

Well, looking for coral reefs under 20,000 ft below, amidst the ocean body is something unexpected. However, this is another arena that promotes lush green coral life. Yes, you read this right. In fact, there are numerous scientific researchers that validate the healthy growth of this deep coral reef ecosystem. Let, us learn about the same in some details. 

Deep Coral Reef Ecosystem Develops Without Sunlight

A fish swimming under water

The species lack the interaction with sunlight hence depending on the factor to grow is beyond the question. They are spread all across the world where the temperature varies from -1 degree C to more. Regions such as New Zealand, Norway, Ecuador, Canada, Australia, Japan, and more brings us this specific category of coral life. 

This specific kind of deep coral reef ecosystem grows prominently in the world’s ocean basin. There they create deep water havens on continental slopes and shelves in tall seamounts and ocean canyons. 

Number Of Species That You Can Found On Deep Coral Reef Ecosystem

A close up of a coral

The majority of the species stayed unexplored, hence very little were accessible. At that time scientists were completely unknown of the number and its whereabouts. However, researches were made on the specimens over years now. Also, almost all the species look similar, hence the experts are thinking of taking up DNA tests to come to conclusion on this concern.

Well, right now only 3300 species have been discovered. However each day brings new possibilities, hence the number is rising.

Are The Old In Origin?

Well, researchers claim that the species dates back to several years. As per a study, a community of gold coral exists in Hawaii which is around 2742 years old . Another study on black coral, also, in Hawaii states that they go back to be 4265 years old. They are the oldest aquatic species ever existed.

Since the regeneration process is always on the go, hence deep coral reef ecosystem is going on developing for around 40,000 years now. And there are endless possibilities of discovering more in this regard in the coming years and so.

What Else Do You Need To Know About The Deep Coral Reef Ecosystem?

Let us now look at all the other prominent features that this deep coral reef ecosystem offers us-

  • The deep coral reef ecosystem is stunning to talk about. They exhibit multiple color schemes similar to a paintbox. In addition, there is versatility in their shapes and sizes as well.
  • In fact, the deep coral reef ecosystem offers a great habitation for other creatures too.
  • Other than benefiting the aquatic realm, this deep coral reef ecosystem is great for the human species too; how? Since several species have the property to have medicinal values. 
  • In fact, this old fellow is a great source to learn the factors of climate change. Further, they might bring the answer to fight the same as well. 

In Conclusion

This is everything that you need to know about the deep coral reef ecosystem. Well, since it is still a growing topic, hence more sections will be included in the subject with recent discoveries being made. Till then these are enough to dig deep about the deep coral reef ecosystem. So, happy learning fellas.

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