Weirdest Underwater Creatures Ever (Part I) -

Weirdest Underwater Creatures Ever (Part I)

About two-thirds of the earth’s surface consists of water. You can expect that there are weirdest underwater creatures that look out of this world. It is definitely interesting to observe different life forms that are very unusual. Check out the list below for some very interesting-looking animals.

Clown Frogfish

Weirdest Underwater Creatures Ever (Part I)
Weirdest Underwater Creatures Ever (Part I)

You can spot the clown frogfish around Bali, Indonesia. These animals are experts on camouflaging themselves and even changing their colors just to stay hidden from plain sight. Their patterns include stripes, spots, and warts which make their skin textured and effectively allows them to blend in with the rocks among the seabed. Some species have vibrant colors that make them blend in with the coral reefs.

Sea Pens

You can find sea pens at the bottom of the shallow waters in New Zealand. They are named as such because their body shape resembles a quill, an old writing tool. Whenever they feel threatened, they simply bury their bulbs into the seafloor and anchor themselves in place. Their tentacles form polyps that branch out to form numerous colonies.

Sea Cucumbers

Weirdest Underwater Creatures Ever (Part I)
Weirdest Underwater Creatures Ever (Part I)

These organisms got their name from resembling a famous elongated vegetable – the cucumber. They have green and white patters that make them look like so. You can find these organisms in Bikini Atoll which is the site of numerous nuclear bomb tests in the past. This strange organism may have arisen from genetic mutations caused by the bomb tests. These sea cucumbers can grow up to six and a half feet or two meters long. Their diet comprises of small aquatic organisms that they filter out of the water, like bacteria and worms. Their biology is pretty straightforward. One amazing feature is their defense mechanism. They can eject some of their internal organs from their anus. They can just regenerate these internal organs later on once necessary.


The anglerfish swims around the cool and dark waters of the Lofoten Islands in Norway. The fish has a characteristic saggy skin all over its body. Its face is also remarkable as something scary. They feed themselves by using the rods on top of their bodies that have numerous filaments. They wave these rods around to attract unsuspecting prey and then pounce on small fish.

Blob Sculpins

The animal is named as such because its entire shape is literally a blob. This can grow up to two feet long and they are quite difficult to spot as they are very reclusive. They have a characteristic pale pink shade and the males of their species are protective of their young ones. Males have been reported to stand guard over tons of eggs that are hatched at their nesting sites.

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