Top Ocean Conservation Organizations (Part I) -

Top Ocean Conservation Organizations (Part I)

Are you looking for ways to partake in the ocean conservation efforts? Check out the following top ocean conservation organizations. These remarkable groups dedicate their energy to bettering marine life. The pollution affects the bodies of water on earth and other man-made resources. Many people dump tons of wastes into the waters and it threatens ocean life. This then affects marine life as well as human life. The following organizations have spearheaded the fight against pollutants in an attempt to preserve the oceans before they become irreversibly damaged.

Ocean Conservancy

Top Ocean Conservation Organizations To Check (Pt I)
Top Ocean Conservation Organizations To Check (Pt I)

Starting in 1972 in Washington, DC. This group has the primary goal of protecting various marine habitats from the destruction caused by pollution. The organization also has projects for the restoration of fisheries for the livelihood of fishermen. Another remarkable impact this group has is their constant appeal for legal change so that the policies the government imposes will be friendlier to the seas. The organization has been hosting international coastal cleanup events for over three decades now. They even have a department for the education of people regarding marine conservation.

Surfrider Foundation

This is an NGO that focuses on the conservation and protection of numerous beaches and oceans all over the world. The group is based on California but their projects reach a worldwide scale. They have understood the drastic effects of the environment on the quality of the ocean so they target the improvement of water quality. Their projects extend to educating the locals so that they can be alerted of the status of their waters. This organization even creates wonderful and breathtaking landscapes that receive water runoff before the water reaches the ocean. This provides a degree of filtration that will improve the quality of water once it reaches the seas.


Top Ocean Conservation Organizations To Check (Pt I)
Top Ocean Conservation Organizations To Check (Pt I)

This is another ocean organization that is based in Washington, D. C. Their primary advocacy is to come to the rescue of endangered oceans and seas by using campaigns for policy changes. These changes aim to result in a world without ocean pollutants like oil, mercury, and other industrial emissions. Over the years, they have battled the decline of the population of fishes and other marine animals. This organization also gives special attention to particularly vulnerable sites like the Mediterranean Sea and Juan Fernandez Islands in Chile.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Their most famous project is the obstruction of the Japanese whaling activities since the year 2005. This organization is in Washington and Paul Watson start this group. They are known for their straightforward tactics that are not lethal. For instance, they throw bottles filled with butyric acid onboard sips that hunt whales. The bottles smell really foul and it is bound to intervene with their harmful activities. As a consequence, they have been branded as eco-terrorists by the Japanese government.

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