Think blue and go green with a great Marine Life

A turtle swimming under water

Marine life includes living organisms, plants, animals, and other organisms that live in the saltwater sea, or ocean. Marine life plays a major role in balancing the ecosystem. The ocean covers 90% of the living space on Earth and is the home for diverse living organisms including planktons to huge-sized animals. So it is very important in knowing the habit, habitat, and interrelationship of marine life. Importance of Marine Life:

Fisheries And Aquaculture

A group of fish in the water

Fishing and aquaculture is a direct profession for more than 56 million people all over the world. Also, many others are working with marine systems indirectly based on handling, processing, and distribution. So for the betterment of more than 880 million people, we should care for our marine system.

Source of Food and Renewable Energy

A fish swimming under water

80% of the planet’s diversity is found in the ocean. More than 3 million people depend on fish to get 20% of their animal protein. It is an important source of renewable energy. Using technological improvement, different equipment and devices are being developed to produce electricity using tides and waves. Additionally, offshore wind farms are also being raised.

Regulate Our Climate

Ocean absorbs almost 1/4th of the CO2 that humans release and so it is known as Carbon Sink. 90% of the heat produced by global warming goes into the sea. If oceans were not there then the heating and cooling system goes off and the temperature of the earth increases so that no more lives on Earth. As the marine ecosystem gives us lots of benefits in leading our life, it is very much important to protect and save our ocean life.

Refuse, Reuse and Recycle

One Of the major problems for ocean life is pollution. Example: Turtles eat plastic mistaking it as jellyfish. So kindly dispose of the waste properly and recycle them. Avoid using plastics. Enjoy your beach time without polluting.

Save water as much as you can to protect marine life. Reduce your water usage, check water leaks, and try to use reused water for plants if you can.

Choose Environmentally-Friendly Products

While cleaning reduces the use of chemicals, as any chemical used anywhere finally meets the ocean. So choose alternatives like white vinegar, baking soda, etc. 

The waste produced by pets is harmful to ocean life. It may make the water unhealthy and unsafe for human usage. Avoid taking pets to sea shores.

Once you begin to love the ocean you can no more harm them So please take part in local conservation organizations.


As the ocean is so pleasing and harmless to our lives, it is our responsibility to protect marine life. Protect our Ocean to protect our future. We hope that you liked this article and know all your information which you want too. 

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