Taking A Picture Of The Coral Reef Environment

picture of coral reef ecosystem

The Great Barrier Reef is a beautiful place, but it also has a harsh environmental impact that can be seen in the image of coral reefs below the water. Over half of the Great Barrier Reef is made up of coral reefs. In this article, you will see an image that shows the devastation that humans have on this beautiful place. It shows what human activities have done to this already fragile system of ecosystems that are so important for us to live in harmony with nature.

Fishery Boats Are Destroying Reefs

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A great number of fishery boats have been used to destroy the reefs. A lot of this destruction has been done by human activities such as shipping. This is because it is cheaper to ship things from further away than it is to bring them closer to shore. This means that the fishery boats can go out and catch more fish, which means more profit for the companies that ship them out.

Debris And Plastic Bottles Are Damaging The Coral Reef

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Other forms of destruction have caused this ecosystem to change as well. When big ships are sailing in the area, they may damage the coral reef by throwing debris into the water. Also, any other large ships that come in contact with the coral reef may cause its rapid destruction. Sometimes coral reefs are disturbed by the dredging of channels by boats or by boats and the changing of currents as they pass through.

A significant change that has occurred recently is the increase in plastic bottles being brought into the area. These bottles will break down, and the bits that come loose float in the water and end up killing many different forms of marine life. A lot of this plastic may eventually end up in the ocean and create a problem for the coral reef. The picture of a coral reef that you have probably seen before in a magazine may be an accurate depiction of what happens in the world when natural environments are destroyed. This is a huge problem and one that we cannot ignore.

Humans Are Destroying The Coral Reef Natural Environment

As mentioned above, human activities have destroyed the natural environment of the coral reef. As people continue to destroy the natural environment, we will see even more problems occur on earth. The fish will begin to die off because there will not be enough food for them. The sea turtles may also face starvation. As the world continues to turn unhealthy and toxic, the picture of coral reef and the benefits it offers to us will disappear.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you are going to take a picture of the natural beauty of coral reefs, make sure you know what you are doing. There are so many things you can do wrong when taking a picture of the coral reef. Make sure you do your homework. You should be able to research the coral reef and the benefits it provides to humans. You should see the damage done and know what actions need to be taken to save the natural beauty of coral reefs.

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