Importance Of Marine Conservation -

Importance Of Marine Conservation

A lot of individuals disregard the importance of marine conservation because they do not feel like it directly impacts them as a person. We still have the obligation to give back to the seas that have served humanity so much in so many ways. Here are the reasons why we should participate in it.

Employment And Food

Importance Of Marine Conservation
Importance Of Marine Conservation

Did you know that fishing is a booming industry? It is responsible for employing about fifty-six million people. A lot of neighborhoods that live near bodies of water are dependent on the seas and oceans for their source of income. There are also other people that get employed from the processing ad distribution of the caught seafood. All in all, about six hundred sixty to eight hundred eight million individuals are financially benefiting from the fishing industry.

Another huge benefit that humanity receives is food. There is a diverse selection of marine life that are edible and very nutritious. All of the seafoods are negatively affected by pollution which renders them too toxic to eat. Fish is also a very good source of protein. It actually comprises twenty percent of the total protein available for consumption.

Source Of Energy

Any renewable source of energy is always appreciated and preferred because they are more sustainable and more beneficial to the environment. Did you know that the oceans are one of the top contributors of renewable energy to the world? There are numerous devices installed into some bodies of water that utilize the waves and turn them into a source of electricity. They power many regions all over the globe.

Regulates Climate And Affects Weather

Importance Of Marine Conservation
Importance Of Marine Conservation

The different bodies of water on earth have the capability to influence the weather and climate. Oceans are great at absorbing the impacts of global warming brought about by climate change. Oceans are capable of absorbing the excess carbon dioxide emissions which cool down the earth and slows down the onset of global warming. It currently houses about ninety percent of the excess carbon dioxide emissions. If it weren’t for this, the earth will be too unstable to be habitable by all life forms.

Affects Health And Wellbeing

The ocean is also closely tied to the physical and emotional status of human beings. A lot of individuals opt for a beach trip as the waves and the sprawling waters can provide calmness and relief. The rhythmic patterns of the waves crashing against the shoreline coupled by the cooling breeze is a very soothing scene. The distinct blue color is also known to calm down a lot of individuals.

The point of the matter is that humans are greatly dependent on the ocean, from food to livelihood. Humanity will literally crumble if it weren’t for the seas. Sadly, these bodies of water are now being ravaged by pollution and now is the time to act. Simply look up for ways you can participate on the quest for marine conservation.

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