How To Reduce Plastic Pollution -

How To Reduce Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a global problem that requires a global solution. Read this article to know how to reduce plastic pollution in your own small way and in order to protect the vulnerable underwater sea creatures. The problem of plastic pollution is continuously bloating through the years and the time to act is now. The general thing one must do is to reduce one’s plastic waste as much as possible so that none of the excess will flow back into the sea and harm other underwater organisms.

Reduce Plastic

How To Reduce Plastic Pollution
How To Reduce Plastic Pollution

As aforementioned, this is the most important step. There is nothing wrong with utilizing plastic but the harms started when it became excessive. Plastics are non-biodegradable which means that they are going to be around for at least five hundred centuries before they show signs of degradation. There may be plastic bags advertised as biodegradable but they are still synthesized using harmful chemicals that turn into excess non-biodegradable waste which then overflows into the ocean. Reduce the plastic in your life by making smart choices as a consumer. For instance, use a cloth bag while shopping instead of the single-use plastic bags. Drink from a reusable water bottle instead of buying tons of plastic bottles.

Utensils And Cutlery

We all love takeout from restaurants and food places because they are so convenient. The disposable items leave you with lesser dishes to wash and clean. These are harmful for the environment as they stockpile on the amount of global plastic wastes. You can make the adjustment for the environment by bringing your own reusable cutlery and washing them after. Bring your own mugs for coffee instead of opting for the disposable cups.

Packaging Matters

How To Reduce Plastic Pollution
How To Reduce Plastic Pollution

Another thing that people overlook is the packaging of materials. A lot of corporations pack their products in plastic bags, from fruits to tech goodies. Did you know that plastic bags remain to be one of the biggest plastic wastes the humans produce annually? They also pose serious threats to numerous organisms underwater. For instance, a turtle’s preferred food are jellyfishes. A floating piece of plastic bag can simply be mistaken for jellyfish which cause turtles to ingest a lot of plastic every year, leading to their death.

You might want to opt for products that are packaged in biodegradable and environmentally-friendly packaging. Consider that as a reward for the corporations that actually partake in the preservation of the oceans and the environment.

Support Organizations

You can take your contributions to the next level by actively supporting organizations that aim to eliminate the amount of plastic wastes in society. You can sign up for a coastal cleanup activity near you or send a donation to the organization that is closest to your heart. Most of these organizations are non-profits so they will surely appreciate every help they can get.

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