How to Protect the Coral Reef Marine Ecosystem

Underwater view of a coral

The coral reef in the world is under severe pressure from increasing human population and destruction of their environment due to global warming. This makes it a very important place to preserve the coral reef marine ecosystem. One must preserve the coral reef by stopping further degradation and increase in its population. To implement this, various steps should be taken.

An Overview

A close up of a coral

The first step in preserving the coral reefs is to reduce the population of both commercial and domestic fishes. A lot of fish are used for their meat and oil and the coral reefs are dependent on these fishes. Therefore, if more fish are taken out of the water, less food will be available and that can seriously affect the coral reef.

A good way to decrease the population of the fish is to make the water in the sea polluted with substances like heavy metals, pesticides and bacteria. By making the water polluted with these harmful substances, the fish will not be able to survive. Another way is to make the water undrinkable for the fish. This is possible by installing low-flow kitchen faucets, along with proper circulation systems in the water and proper purification methods.

Major Factor 

Underwater view of a coral

Another major component in preserving the coral reefs is by protecting them from damage due to global warming. A good example of this is to build artificial islands in the coral reefs. These can have the same effect as if the island were destroyed. There is a lot of research being done by scientists in this area in order to create the perfect artificial island for the coral reef. This will help in not only preserving the natural coral reef but also help in creating an additional source of income for the country.

Apart from the artificial island, there are other ways which can also be implemented in order to protect the coral reef. These include creating awareness programs about the importance of conserving the coral reefs. It is also recommended that people should start planting trees on the sides of the water in order to provide habitat for the coral. This will prevent the coral from being eaten away by algae which can also destroy the coral reef.

Additional Method 

A third method, which can also be implemented in order to maintain the natural coral reef is through the use of wind generators. These are devices that generate wind power in close proximity to the coral reef in order to increase the oxygen level in the water. This will ultimately help in increasing the life span of the coral reef and help in its maintenance. This method also helps in cleaning out any large debris which might end up polluting the natural environment.

Lastly, the coral reefs need to be protected from the sun. Sun rays are the main cause behind the death of coral reefs. This is because they can severely affect the natural process of photosynthesis, leading to massive starvation of the coral. It is therefore recommended that large tiki huts should be constructed where there is plenty of shade in the morning and in the evening.


It has been proven that one should try and alter their lifestyle so as to live a healthy lifestyle. This will ensure that the quality of the air we breathe, the water we swim in and the food we eat are all kept at optimum levels. The coral reef is an essential part of our natural environment and is also crucial for the health of the entire world. In order to make sure that the coral reefs are sustainable for the future, it is important that we start practicing methods which aim to make people more conscious about the natural environment and preserve it for the future.

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