Here Are Some Species Of Animals You Should Learn More About

species of animals

The collective noun for every group of animals can be unique. So, all this makes me wonder if all animal groups have such weird names? What is the name of a group of a jaguar? It, after all, belongs to the cat family. A group of jaguar refers to the collective term that people use to identify them when they are in a group; they can have a variety of names, which can be confusing to a reader.

Jaguars and Elephants

A close up of a leopard

A jaguar’s collective name is a moniker that can be used to designate a single group of jaguars. A group of jaguars, on the other hand, can be referred to as A Leap, A Prowl, and A Shadow. A group of jaguars may appear to be a normal animal group, formed by the group’s elders of the animals, but it is more like a brotherhood to jaguars, who promise to abide by and protect one another.

Let’s take an example. Experiments have shown us that the oldest matriarchs were much better than younger matriarchs at distinguishing more dangerous male lions just by the sound of their roars. 

These tusks belonged to an old elephant in Kenya named Ahmed. He died at the age of 65 in the year 1974. 

Tusks are the reason they are poached, and the elephant trunk is used for various purposes, such as eating, smelling, etc.

Lions And Birds

A baby elephant standing next to a forest

The mane of hair of a male lion has been compared to that of a king’s crown. Because of their status as wild aristocracy, lions were anthropomorphically imbued with the same pride as a human monarchy. In this context, pride is not a derogatory phrase; rather, it refers to a dignified feeling of self that is commensurate with one’s position. 


The most heard fact is about rabbits and their love for carrots. Yeah, it is indeed true that rabbits love eating carrots a lot. But too many carrots may upset a rabbit’s stomach. A rabbit would be surprisingly eating and pooping for twenty-four hours nonstop which would make many people surprised. The best part is rabbits are clean. Rabbits like to be groomed and be the owner’s favorite. The cute furry friend can make anyone’s day brighter and happier.  It would be astonishing to note that the “bunny” term, which is used for rabbits, has also had a history way back in the 18th century. Back in the 18th century, rabbits were termed “coney”. Only after this do some use the term rabbit. Rabbits are calm and composed animals who are also curious. Hence, a rabbit in the house would be hopping around and would be discovering new places in the house.


There are so many other animals with these unique group names. Because owls are linked with wisdom, a parliament is a gathering of owls. Monkeys create battalions, many animals form herds, birds that don’t have a name for their groupings, they form flocks, so they are called flocks of birds, and crows have it particularly bad. Murder is the proper term for a gang of crows. So, you can now say, “Oh look, honey, a crow murder.”

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