Deadliest Creatures In The Ocean (Pt II) -

Deadliest Creatures In The Ocean (Pt II)

Here is the second part of the list of the deadliest creatures in the ocean. Make sure to stay away from these creatures at all costs. Some species are lethal while others are just plain harmful and painful.

Box Jellyfish

Deadliest Creatures In The Ocean (Pt II)
Deadliest Creatures In The Ocean (Pt II)

This is largely based in the waters of the Australian continent and it is considered to be one of the fiercest marine animals alive. One sting can cause you immense discomfort and other stings can even be fatal and can kill you. These jellyfishes catch their preys using their tentacles. They trap the prey with their many arms and legs before going in for the lethal sting. These preys include small fishes and shrimp.

Tiger Sharks

This is one of the largest predators underwater. It can grow up to five meters long which makes it a real threat. Its diet is vast and it includes seals, birds, turtles, and squid. This diverse diet makes it dangerous as it is a carnivore who is not picky. These sharks are common in temperate and tropical areas. They are particularly abundant in the Pacific Islands. Annually, they pose numerous serious threats against divers.

Sea Snakes

Deadliest Creatures In The Ocean (Pt II)
Deadliest Creatures In The Ocean (Pt II)

There are about fifty varying species of sea snakes. You can typically spot these in the Pacific Ocean as well as the Indian Ocean. Among those species, the one that is most poisonous to human beings is the beaked sea snake. The venom is said to be sufficient enough to kill eight human beings. The silver lining is that these animals do not voluntarily attack human beings. Just make sure to not do anything that might provoke them such as sudden movements or invading their personal space.


Stingrays are generally passive animals that can just coexist with divers. It is not part of their identity to attack a person with no reason. However, they do fight back when they feel threatened or if you accidentally invade their private space. A lot of the casualties each year result from divers or swimmers who accidentally step on them. The stingrays whip up their tail which contains the stinger. The stinger will give you an infection and a lot of pain. Most attacks are mild and can be remediated but there are special cases that resulted to death and severe poisoning.

Great Barracuda

This is another one of the most threating marine animals there is. It can grow up to six feet in length. It has a lightning speed that can attack you in an instant. They utilize their speedy movements through the water in order to catch their prey. They bite down on their prey using fanged teeth which effectively mutilates everything on its path.

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