Coral Reef Animals That Make The Galapagos Islands A Famous Marine Park -

Coral Reef Animals That Make The Galapagos Islands A Famous Marine Park

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However, there are times that one would want to be in a boat to watch these beautiful animals. In this article, I would like to tell you more about some of the marine creatures that can be found around the coral reefs.

The first one is the Nurse Dolphin. Sometimes called a Cavy the Nurse Dolphin is a warm water animal that comes from the Amazon and South Pacific. They have long bodies and short tails. The face is red and the nose is larger than the body. These dolphins can grow to about 9 feet in length. Their coloration is mostly white with darker blotches on their back.

The Galapagos Dolphin

Underwater view of a swimming pool

Another dolphin that you can see around the coral beds is the Galapagos Dolphin. This dolphin species is only found on the Galapagos Islands. They are small in size and can grow to about a meter in length. They are very shy and rarely come up to the surface to surf.

Finally, there is the Reef Dolphin. They are a bit larger than the Nurse Dolphin but much less shy. They are usually found on the outer edges of the large coral reef and will frequently feed on bait fish.

The Moon jellyfish

A flock of seagulls are swimming in the water

One of the interesting coral reef animals is the Moon jellyfish. These animals are usually seen on coral beds at night. They are a bright white jellyfish that looks more like a jellyfish that has come out of a fish. It is round in shape and has two pointed ears. It also has a little bump on the back that makes it look like a horse antlers. They like to eat smaller fish and squid.

There are other animals that make their home around the coral reefs as well. A few animals you may not have even heard of are the Batfish, Lemon Roughy and Pompano. All of these animals can be found dead in the coral beds of the Galapagos Islands. They can often be found hiding under rocks or kelp piles waiting for a fish to come by and take its lunch.

The Galapagos Islands

In addition to the Dolphin, Sea Lion and the Reef Dolphin, the Galapagos Islands also have sea lions, a population of Sea Stars and Spadefish. While the Sea Lions primarily eat fish, they will also eat birds, rodents and sometimes crabs. The Spadefish, on the other hand, like to hunt monkeys, which can be a problem in some areas of the island. The population of Spadefish in the area can sometimes reach up to a thousand, making it one of the most dangerous marine animals to come face to face with.

You may have noticed that there is more to the Galapagos Islands than just dolphins and sea lions. It is important to understand that a wide variety of coral reef animals live in the sea around this amazing location. By visiting the Galapagos Islands you are sure to see many types of coral reef animals up close and personally.

Much Safer In Captivity

Dolphins are a unique species that live primarily in the southern region of the Galapagos. In fact, only around ten percent of their population is seen in the wild, remaining much safer in captivity. Dolphins are great coral reef watch dogs because they tend to stay away from dangerous ships that may try to take them on. This can be very helpful to marine life in the area because dolphins tend to keep depths less populated, giving less room for potential ship collisions. They also have the intelligence to work with a keeper who is trained to handle them properly. It is the duty of the keeper to feed the dolphin, take care of any marine life that is around the dolphin and watch for any ships that are approaching.

The third animal that should not be missed when you visit the Galapagos is the Tortoise. These unique animals have been known to grow to around an inch. They are slow moving but can run very fast, even while swimming. These three coral reef animals make up a very important part of the ecosystem that surrounds the islands in which they live.


Although there are many more types of coral reef animals that you can learn about and take advantage of when you visit the Galapagos, dolphins, tortoises and seahorses are definitely worth seeing. You will find that if you have never been to the Galapagos, you will never understand the beauty of the ecosystem that these animals are a part of. It is a truly remarkable experience that you will never forget. You can do plenty more research online to find out more about seeing other interesting animals that can also make fascinating additions to your coral reef viewing experiences.

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