Condos in the St. Petersburg Beach Area of Florida

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St. Pete Beach is a popular Florida resort town set among barrier islands, off the coast of St. Petersburg. It is well know for its beautiful beaches. A famed 1928 landmark, the distinctive pink Moorish-designed Don CeSar Hotel towering above the sandy shoreline serves as a backdrop for the beachfront restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Just a drive a short distance away, barges and yachts depart daily for fishing, water sports and, of course, sunbathing.

St. Petersburg Beach Area Condos


Just a short walk from the sandy shores, lies the beachfront jewel of St. Petersburg’s real estate scene. The elegant Hotel Capella, a spectacular structure that features an interior garden as lush with tropical botanicals as it is with its exquisite architecture, sets the tone for the resort’s Beach Club. Beach Club Golf Course is one of the premier courses in the area, and is only a short walking distance from the beachfront hotels. Others dot the coastline, including The St. Pete Bay Yacht Club and the Sand Bar, a charming seaside establishment frequented by local fishermen and visitors.

In addition to the Beach Club, St. Pete Beach features a variety of other oceanfront destinations. One of the newest is the Sand Bar, an informal oasis just a few steps from the Beach Club. Here one can relax on a beach chair under a palm tree, take in the breathtaking sunset or catch the rising sun by standing on sand dunes. If one wishes to escape the sun, then consider visiting The Lazy River State Park, one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in Florida.

For those interested in the nightlife, St. Pete Beach also offers plenty of nightlife options. The finest restaurants, casinos and bars can be found in nearby Jacksonville, which are conveniently located just a short drive away. Another great option for those interested in a nightlife is the Old Town Square, which features live entertainment and beautiful barbecues throughout the year. A bonus for those who choose to stay near the beach is its proximity to the International House, one of the country’s premier art museums. There is no shortage of things to do or see in and around the area, making it a popular area for tourists and locals alike.

With all the beachfront activities available, it is little wonder that St. Pete Beach has seen a rise in residential real estate over the past few years. Although the luxury condos are still available, it is easy to see why they have become so popular. Offering exceptional amenities such as beachfront living and spacious decks, condos are a perfect choice for vacation homes or second homes. Many are available in both waterfront and neighborhood views, allowing residents to enjoy the area in every view possible.

Beachfront condos are an excellent investment regardless of where you choose to live. They offer access to beautiful ocean views and a wealth of amenities including tennis courts, pools, childcare and parking. When coupled with St. Pete Beach, the condo experience is even more encompassing. Those who have dreamed of living on the beach but cannot afford the luxury of a luxury house or oceanfront apartment can find what they need in a condo. Offering exceptional views of the ocean, beachfront condos make it easy to enjoy the area without worrying about the cost of maintaining a home on the beach.

Finding the right condo is easy because there are so many options available in this prime area of Florida. The key to finding the right condo includes choosing one based on location, amenities, and suitability to your lifestyle and budget. Before purchasing a condo, it is important to check out all of the available properties for sale in the area and do the necessary research to ensure that you are buying a property that will meet your needs. By putting in the time and effort to look at potential homes and condos, you will be one step closer to purchasing a great home in one of the best places to live in the state of Florida.

End Note

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With a mild climate year round, there is no reason why St. Petersburg Beach can’t provide you with the perfect place to call home. The luxury homes, gorgeous ocean views and great amenities are only a few reasons why investing in condos or beachfront homes in the area may be the right decision for you and your family. With a little work and research, you will be able to find a great real estate investment that will be a great match for your family and your lifestyle.

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