Best Beaches in the World to See Coral Reefs

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There are so many beaches in the world that a normal human can never complete all of them in one lifetime. Each country and each continent has an amazing variety of beaches that offer splendid beach fun, beach resorts, water activities and other such enjoyment. Beaches have generally been commercialized and every city’s government takes over a beach and recruits people to offer beach activities, open up a resort or offer other such beach entertainment. If you want to know about the best beaches in the world to see coral reefs, then we have compiled a list of the best ones.


Coral Reefs

Ranked as the best beach in the world, Fiji is an archipelagos consisting of 333 islands. All these have sparkling clear water, beautiful resorts and huge stretches of pristine white sand. Fiji is the perfect spot to find the best beaches in the world. Travelers can enjoy snorkeling or enjoy scuba diving amidst the beautiful coral reefs. 


Coral Reefs

Ranked as the second most beautiful beach destination in the world, Maldives boast of crystal clear turquoise water. It is a tropical paradise that is made of 22 ring-shaped atolls made of 1200 islands. Each is more beautiful than the earlier one. You can find pearlescent sands, palm trees and lovely blue water here. 

Bora Bora

One of the third most beautiful beach in the world, the Bora Bora islands are a French Polynesian island that is only 6 miles long and 3 miles wide. It is packed with stunning beaches, ritzy resorts and beautiful greenery around. The Matira beach is great for strolling along the sandy shores while the Four Seasons beach offers splendid views. You can also enjoy snorkeling and shark-feeding excursions here.


This beach comes next in the list of most beautiful beaches in the world. It should be on your planner next when you go out on a holiday. This beach offers splendid views with delicious French cuisine, sandy shores and lovely resorts. Tahiti’s iti’s famous La Plage de Maui is popular for its clear water and sparkling sand. This property is often crowded though. 


The Maui beach in Hawaii is one of the best beaches here. This island has impressive beaches with small and big family-friendly resorts. The North Shore here attracts active travelers who want windsurfing experiences. They can head to the Hookipa Beach park or the Kanaha Beach park.

U.S Virgin Islands

Beachgoers coming to the Virgin islands can either choose the St. John or the St. Thomas or the St. Croix cater as per their preferences. Those who want privacy and seclusion can go to St. john, as here they can find quite and peace. This is ideal for honeymooners. The St. Thomas’ photogenic Magens Bay is perfect for those who want great clicks. The St. Croix has a Sandy Point Nationals Wildlife Refuge that is idea for those who love nature and want to go surfing. 


This is also included in the list of the best beaches in the world. It has countless beaches to choose from over 700 islands. You can easily find your own perfect and private spot at the Bahamas. It has massive resorts like Atlantis, Paradise Island and many such others. The Pink Sand Beach on Harbor Island has a rosy hue while the Exumas has swimming pigs to delight the tourists. You can go in for diving excursions, and underwater caves here. 

These are some of the best beaches in the world that have stunning coral reefs.

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