Australian Animals – What You Need To Know

australia animals

Have you ever wondered how the platypus got its name? Most people aren’t aware of this and don’t have a clue that Australia is home to these unique creatures. In fact, even if you do know where Australia is situated, you might not know that it is named after the platypus.

What makes those species Unique

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The platypus is among the unique species of Australian animals. They are unique because they have four toes and spend most of their time underwater. The unusual feature of the platypus is that it has two stomachs, one within the female’s pouch and the other located below her tail. The koala and kangaroo paw also belong to this amazing group of Australian animals.

Australia’s extraordinary animal

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The echidna is another one of Australia’s extraordinary animals. Echidnas are marsupials that reside in the dry, desert-like climates of Australia. These animals can be found in different colors, including grey, brown, and black. In fact, the black echidna is the only member of its genus with a color that ranges from black to yellow. This is the reason why the echidna is also called the black-cheeked echidna.

 Australia’s legendary animal

The tiger snake is another one of Australia’s legendary animals. The tiger snake is one of the few animals in the world that has evolved into pre-prepared prey by means of the gradual transformation of its body into that of an animal that is ready to attack. In fact, the transformation only occurred thousands of years ago. Until that time, the platypus was an ordinary preying snake that preys mostly on small animals such as rodents. However, thanks to a scientist named Richard Hamilton, the platypus was finally given a new lease on life when he realized that it could attack and kill different species of snakes by means of its two strong front legs.

Australia’s top predator animal

The platypus is not the only Australian animal with two powerful front legs. The kangaroo is another creature that is deserving of mention. The kangaroo is an incredible survivor, which accounts for its ability to survive in the most extreme environments. These characteristics have earned the kangaroos the name of Australia’s top predator animals. The best places to see these wonderful creatures include the Great Barrier Reef in the South Island and the Uluru wildlife reserve in the Northern Territory.

The Dingo

One of the strangest and most incredible Australian animals is the dingo. The dingo is truly an animal that defies description. Apart from the fact that it possesses a vocabulary similar to that of a person who is deaf, it also possesses speech. Unlike other animals that only make sounds to announce their presence or other things, the dingo makes specific calls to invite other animals to its “forts.” These calls are usually high-pitched and seem to blend in perfectly with the noises that the dingo already made while it was active.

In Western Australia, there are several zoos that house dingoes. This is in spite of the fact that dingoes are considered dangerous animals in some areas. The only reason behind this is that in these areas, there are still some groups who do not want dingoes anywhere near their parks. Despite this, the dingoes can still be found living in some parts of Western Australia such as the Riverton region. In fact, you may find the dingo sharing its grounds with some local farm animals such as sheep, pigs, and horses.

The strong swimmers

If you are looking for Australia’s most well-known animals and plants, you would surely consider the koala. The koala is one of Australia’s most iconic and captivating species. They are also known to be strong swimmers despite their bulkiness, and they usually eat fruits. Koalas reside primarily in the rain forests of Australia. There, they are able to survive by eating leaves and other vegetation found in the areas where they live.

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